Underwater Dock Lights

Best Useful Aspects of Underwater Dock Lights

Underwater Dock Lights

When passing by a boat dock, you must have noticed those bright lights underneath and if you think that they are there to attract fish, well you are a bit mistaken. Underwater dock lights are an excellent fish to catch bigger fish, light the dock path and bring in a bit of outdoor ambiance. Aside from that many users choose this kind of lights because they make it easy to get around on the dock, help swimmers get aboard the boat at night, and they add to the beauty and safety of the dock or boat. A major benefit of underwater lights is that they provide the needed illumination without attracting insects the way above-water lights do.

Not only they can be used to light up docks and fish-finding, there are other fresh and saltwater situations where this light can come in handy.


If you want your pool area to be bright at night or during a house party, underwater dock lights can bring atmosphere to any pool party.


Create a fun and safe look on your fish pond or any bigger body of water using underwater dock lights.

Boat Bottoms and Pontoon

Having a party on your pontoon? Add a festive touch to it by attaching underwater dock lights on the side of your deck boat or pontoon and your party will be a lot more entertaining.

As mentioned earlier, underwater dock lights has more than one purpose and here are some of them

Finding Fish and Bait

Did you know that one underwater dock light can attract bunch of fishes? Here’s how it works: The light attracts bait fish such as shad and minnows. The presence of the bait fish is followed by trout, bass or flounder that are there to eat the bait. Sort of a mini seafood buffet for the bigger fish. Whether you’re trying to catch bait to go out fishing, or just fishing from the dock, underwater dock lights can give a helping hand. (more…)